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2-25-16 I have concluded buying furs this year. Thanks!

About my buying prices
As a fur buyer, I set my own prices at what I am willing to pay for whole animals.  I am willing to haggle a little but there is only a certain amount I am willing to risk on the animals I buy.  I take a risk every time i purchase an animal from you and whether or not I will make a profit or hopefully my money back.  Market trends can fluctuate every day, making things more valuable and less valuable.  For this reason my prices are usually firm at what I quote you.  I will pay good money for the good stuff, and pennies for the not so good stuff.  I am a strong believer in common courtesy both as a trapper and as someone who's running a business.  I will try and help you any way I can to make the most money for your animals.  If my prices aren't up to what you think they should be you are more than free to take them elsewhere and see what you can get.  As a buyer, I am not required to buy and as a trapper, you are not required to sell to me.  Also do the right thing and not slander my name to other trappers because my prices weren't up to your standards. I cannot afford to make everyone happy by paying what they say I should.  I do not get up every day wondering about the next guy I can screw over.  I love trapping and seeing other people trapping. I've been doing it for over a decade now.There will always be other buyers, some that will pay more than me, and others that will pay less, but my prices are MY prices so if you plan on making yourself a headache please move on.  I truly hope you find the information on my website valuable as I work quite a bit on it.  I hope to see you sometime this trapping season and have a successful year! Thank you. EB
New: Now offering Custom Fur Prep

Now Taking!
Deer Hide Donations
Unlike other fur buyers, I do not deal in deer hides which is a commonly harvested animal in North Dakota.  I do however, consistently get asked to take them so I devised a plan that am starting this year.  I will take deer hides as donations which can be dropped off at my drop points in  Park River..  I will in turn donate these hides to trapping organizations in North Dakota which use the money they get from hide donations to protect your rights as a hunter and trapper in North Dakota.  Otherwise I do not buy deer hides but you can feel good in that your deer hides are going for a good cause.  For more information feel free to call or email me. Thanks.
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